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Monday, February 23, 2009

Video: Soccer Riot & Fire Started By Fans Of Hajduk Split & Dinamo Zagreb In Croatia

It's surprising that more people aren't killed at Eastern European soccer matches. Between the fires, smoke, rioting fans and police, they don't appear to be the safest places to be.

At this weekend's match between Hajduk Split & Dinamo Zagreb in the Croatian First League, there was first a delay due to confetti. Because nothing says you are a badass who wants to support his team like confetti.

Following the confetti delay, fans then started to riot, as seen in the above video. It's actually surprising that they didn't find a way to set the fire engine ablaze.

Nearly 800 police were on hand for the event, which saw 84 Hajduk fans and 37 Dinamo fans arrested, including members of the clubs famed Bad Blue Boys, which sounds like a horrible knock-off of the Blue Man Group.

The two teams eventually played some soccer, and Hajduk Split beat Dinamo Zagreb, 2-0.

Can’t We All Just Watch The Game? [Total Pro Sports]

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