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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Video: Fart During CBS Telecast Of FBR Open

The FBR Open in Scottsdale is the most exciting non-major on the PGA tour, home of the rambunctious 16th hole.

Someone on the CBS Sports golf team found this excitement to be just a bit too much and couldn't control themselves, as a fart can clearly be heard in this clip.

Light brown area, indeed.

So which announcer was it? Nick Faldo? Jim Nantz? My money is on Peter Oosterhuis, since he was talking at the time and had a nice fartable gap in his commentary.

Whoever it was, they've given "grip it and rip it" a whole new meaning.

CBS Desperate To Make PGA Tournaments More Interesting Until Tiger Comes Back [Deadspin]


Docman said...

I was watching this live and tivo'd it. It's funny as fuck!

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