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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

London Gym Uses Humans As Weights

Who wants to spend time lifting heavy pieces of cold metal when you can lift warm bodies instead?

That's the premise behind a new offering from Gymbox in London. The gym has several employees on staff available for you to lift while working out.

Since everyone is a different strength, Gymbox has a range of human weights that goes from a midget named Arti, who weighs 66 lbs., to "Super Human" Matt Bernard, who weighs well over 300 lbs.

As if this wasn't ridiculous enough, the weights "wear black leotards with their weights printed across their chests and sit on adapted machines to let the weightlifter visualise what they are lifting."

Not only that, they also shout encouragement, since everyone needs to be yelled at by a little person while working out.

Gymbox owner Richard Hilton said "Creating a mental image or intention of what you want to happen or feel is proven to improve physical and psychological performance."

So if you want to lift midgets, then lifting midgets will improve your performance. That sounds pretty straightforward, but there's a very fine line between midget lifting and midget tossing.

If bulking up by lifting people is not your cup of tea, then don't worry. Gymbox has plenty of other fitness activites, ranging from the ridiculous to the insane.

Some of the highlights:

  • BALLET POLE The elegance and grace of Ballet mixed with the sexiness of pole dancing
  • BITCH BOXING Sorry guys, this one’s for the girls! Time to glove up and get down on that boxing ring, ladies.
  • CHAV FIGHTING Protect yourself form the ‘YOUF’ of today. Learn how to defend yourself from gangs of HOODIES, avoid HAPPY SLAPPINGS and feel safe in KNIFE CRIME-ridden London.
  • CHEERLEADING Gimme a G, gimme a Y, gimme an M, gimme a B… Shake your pom-poms and feel like a true American cheerleader.
  • KANGOO What do you get if you cross roller-skating and trampoline? Well here it is.

What do I get if I cross roller-skating and trampoline? Many broken bones.

England's Gymbox in Bank lets you bench press midgets [The Daily Telegraph]


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